14. February, 2023
Sports Bettor Guide
Sports Bettor Guide

When you are new to gambling it might seem relatively easy. So let’s see the first one of the 7 ways you can be a better sports bettor. One of the most important things when it comes to sports betting is to be clever about how much you bet. In a nutshell, you should be conscious about your bettings and you should bet on more games than place a big bet on only one. Let us tell you an example. If you place 50% of your money on a game, then you can only bet on two games. And you can’t be sure you’ll win. However, if you place only 10% then you can bet on 10 different games. So try to keep this in mind. 

Don’t Always Focus on Big Things

Another thing that is worth mentioning is focusing on smaller games. Actually, it is a very important one of the 7 ways to be a better sports bettor. When you are a newbie you might make the mistake of only betting on huge games.

However, they seem more fun and the bets are easier it doesn’t always the best option. We would recommend you look out for smaller games. Why? Because there is a bigger potential in those games. So from now on try to look out for these games and try to bet on some of those.

Bankroll is Key to Success

Are you ready for another tip? This one might be familiar as it’s the basis of any kind of casino game or betting. You should always have good bankroll management. No matter how talented you are or how much you practice to be a pro bettor if you lack good bankroll management all will be a waste. If you are new to gambling then it’s a good time to set up good bankroll management right now. 

Before you have it you shouldn’t proceed with your gambling career, believe us, later you’ll be thankful for this tip! You need to find out how much can you spend on betting and also how much of your bankroll you want to spend on one bet. We advise you to remember one of our tips from before: never spend too much of your money on only one game. 

Try to Be As Disciplined As Possible

What does it mean to be disciplined when it comes to betting? And how can you do it? Don’t worry we’ll tell you all about it right now! Discipline can be the key to success in many things, not just in gambling. If you follow some rules and stick to them no matter what you can be better at anything. 

As for gambling it mainly means sticking to a number of bets. For example, if you decide to bet on 3 games every month then don’t randomly bet on another game just because you see it on TV. This can be a very bad decision leading to losing money. Every time you want to put on a bet you shouldn’t do it without thinking about it and making sure the bet you place is the best you can do. 

Have You Heard of Gambling Networks?

This is a little bit more of a pro tip. Being disciplined or having good bankroll management, etc. are tips that are useful but are really beginner friendly. If you are over the phase of being a total newbie and looking for some pro tips then this one is for you: focus on building networks. You’ll need two types of networks. One network you should create is one of folks and sources of information that can provide you with the specifics you want to identify value. 

The individuals can be anybody associated with a team or teams you support. Like a member of the news media with access to inside knowledge for example.  Or literally, anyone who might also have some information you can use.

Other information sources can be anything that publishes or makes information accessible, such as websites, newspapers, television shows, forums, and so on. What is the second type tho? A network of persons and/or locations where you can make wagers with little to no or no vig is. This might be also very useful to you as a sports bettor.

Choose Your Game Wisely

We have already talked about not to choose always the most popular games. However, there are a few other things you should look out for when you are choosing your game. 

We advise carefully considering how several different sports you wager on. Just like how many distinct leagues or contests to wager on. While it’s not required to concentrate just on one sport. It’s also not a smart option to wager on too many of them.

Have a Realistic Expectation

We have a secret bonus tip just for you. However, it’s something that seems logical, not every people live by it when it comes to betting. So, in case you want to be a part of the bettors who are real professionals then you’ll need to master this too: always have realistic expectations. We know very well that when you put on a bet you think it’s 100% that you’ll win, and all the time you can win. In reality, the best bettors win 54% or maybe 60% of the time. So, keep in mind that sometimes you’ll lose but that can’t turn you down. 

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