6. February, 2023
Technological advancements set to change the online casino industry
Technological advancements set to change the online casino industry

Online gambling has become incredibly popular over the past two decades and continues to grow.  

New innovations are constantly released making playing your favorite casino games online better and easier.  

The advancements in technology have made it possible for software developers and operators to change the landscape of gaming.

Technology shaping our future 

The following technological advancements are shaping the future of online gambling, making it more realistic and increasingly convenient for players.  

Facial Recognition 

This up and coming trend is about to make an impact on tech and the online casino industry. Through the use of Powerful 3D scanners and cameras a precise video image of you can be created. Software developers and online casino operators can use this to help you create your own custom avatar to use in different games when playing online. It’s a feature that will further enhance the land based casino feel while playing from the comfort of your own home. It has advanced so much that Intel’s RealSense 3D Camera has made it possible for game programmers to create games that will adapt to your facial expressions as you play.  

Gesture Recognition 

Furthermore, the Intel RealSense technology also makes it possible for you to play with your hand alone or interact with your controller without ever touching it. The technology has been designed so that the 3D camera keeps track of 22 points on your hands making it possible to use natural movement of your hand or control different aspects of the game by simply waving it. With a simple gesture you are able to play slot games, bet on a poker game or spin the roulette wheel. The possibilities for this technology used in the online gaming industry is endless.  

Virtual Reality 

The online casino industry has already started working on implementing the use of VR consoles into their live and online slot games. The technology has advanced so much that you can actually experience a real live casino experience from home. Using your virtual headset you can walk through the Virtual Casino and take a seat at virtual poker tables or even partake in virtual sports or lottery betting.  

Augmented Reality 

VR comes even more to live with the implementation of Augmented Reality as instead of being confined to your screen you’ll be introduced to an illusion of reality that will influence all your sense. Instead of having a screen like view you will get to step right into a live casino that comes with various sound and lighting effects to make the experience even more real. The feature might not be perfected yet but it’s already changed the game and with the constant advancement of technology it will soon be possible to have an authentic land based casino experience from the comfort of your own home.  

Blockchain Technology 

In recent year's blockchain technology has been responsible for the growth of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It’s influence on the online gambling industry is noticeable as many online casinos have made it possible to fund your account using cryptocurrencies. Some online casinos have even made it their sole payment method.  

5G Mobile Internet 

You are be able to enjoy download speeds that are up to 20 times faster than what you’ve experienced with 4G. This 5th generation mobile internet technology will also solve latency problems to make it even easier for players to enjoy a smoother mobile game play.  



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